Our most popular product, the N-100 Noodle is now the N-100 PRO (You can still call it the Noodle...we do!)

New for 2016, the N-100 PRO is been refined from the inside-out. The body is now a proprietary custom aluminum extrusion with a special ergonomic profile that makes it look, feel, and play amazing!

Also added are precision-machined holes along both sides of the instrument, marking 1/2-steps like frets on a guitar.

The base is now injection-molded using our own custom machinery. The new 'palm cradle' feature allows the N-100 to be held in a very natural, ergonomic way.

We also beefed-up the pickup and offer the N-100 anodized in 5 different colors!

The only thing we left alone was the price!


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